Welcome to the Presbytery
of South Alabama!

RIP Medical Debt.

"The Presbytery of South Alabama Jubilee Campaign"

Dear Colleagues in ministry:

We are writing to invite you to participate in an effort we are calling the Jubilee Campaign. One of the greatest pictures of the kingdom of God that we find in the Old Testament is what’s called the Year of Jubilee. Hiere in South Alabama, when we hear about Jubilee, we think of fish washing up on the shore. But that wasn’t what the biblical writers had in mind.

In Leviticus, we learn that one of the most important things that happened in the Year of Jubilee is that people were forgiven for debts and obligations that they could not repay. This was an expression of mutual responsibility and care for the vulnerable. In other words, people could not be indefinitely enslaved or encumbered. The message is: in God’s kingdom, nobody is left out. In God’s kingdom, nobody is overlooked. In God’s kingdom, nobody gets passed over. In God’s kingdom, everybody matters!

Churches in the Presbytery of South Alabama (PSA) are invited to participate in the Jubilee Campaign to end medical debt in our area. As you know, medical debt is something that plagues families all across the United States .....

Our 3200-member presbytery includes 21 congregations in the beautiful southern part of the state of Alabama stretching, north to Jackson, south to Gulf Shores, east to Dothan and west to Grand Bay.

Our presbytery office is located on Main Street in Daphne, Alabama which provides a central location for our congregations as well as a Resource Center that is available to all the churches and its members.

The Presbytery of South Alabama exists to care for, support and serve the congregations of the presbytery. Through shared vision, mission and education we pray that God’s kingdom may continue to grow in this corner of the world and beyond.

The Presbytery of South Alabama empowers and connects our congregations by educating and nurturing our members to live and serve as faithful disciples of Jesus Christ in the world.

The Presbytery of South Alabama Mission Statement