Central Presbyterian Food Pantry

The Food Pantry gets food from The Bay Area Food Bank, Winn Dixie and private donations. People can come once a month and get emergency provisions. It is open on Tuesdays from 1pm until 3pm. You can come help with shopping, intake, passing out supplies, loading and unloading or you can donate food or money. They also need boxes and plastic bags.
Please call (251)999-9019 to make an appointment.

Help needed loading and unloading groceries on many Mondays. Extra hands are always welcome.

Please feel free to use the link above or the button below to go to their site to sign up to help with the many areas involved in keeping the food pantry running as smoothly and available to those in need.

  • The Food Pantry serves over 5,000 people a month (currently the largest Pantry in Mobile County)!
  • It takes 60-80 volunteers to facilitate the Pantry and we love to involve new folks! Fill out the form below and let us know you'd like to come try it some week!
  • We prioritize fresh fruits and vegetables and meats in order to provide highly nutritious food.
    • Many of the Community Gardens in Midtown Mobile contribute produce for the Pantry.
    • We work with Feeding the Gulf Coast and Local Farmers to provide as much fresh produce as possible. (It's not unusual for clients to leave with 50 lbs of food)!
  • We are beginning to offer Nutritional Cooking Classes for clients of the Pantry who might not be aware of how delicious certain fresh produce can be if cooked or prepared in a certain way. This also allows us to introduce new types of produce that are highly nutritious but not well known in our community.