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Guatemala 2024

Dates:    July 11 – 18. We will be flying out of Pensacola.

Youth 14-15 may attend with a parent. Youth 16-18 may attend with a designated adult partner.

Cost:    $1200 per person
  - Deposit:    $100 to hold your place
  - Additional:    $30 each way for a checked bag.  $50-$100 for food during travel, snacks and souvenirs.

Accommodations:    Bambu Resort, Mazatenango (It has air conditioning and hot water!)

Food:    We will eat most of our breakfasts and dinners at the hotel.  The food is basic but fine.  We will make our lunches most days.  The team will have bread and peanut butter and jelly and chips available.  If you have food restrictions let us know and we can provide other options.

Health:    No vaccines are required but we recommend an up to date tetanus shot, Hepatitis A, and Typhoid vaccine.

Safety:    Some risk comes with any type of travel. It is very important to stay with the group and never go anywhere on your own.

Project:    We will be installing a water purification system in San Antonio Suchitepequez with Living Waters for the World ( The team that installs the water system has to train at Clean Water U before the trip. We will also be installing ONIL type stoves with Helps International (

   - Current passport – don’t wait until the month before the trip
   - Servant heart and willingness to work
   - ​Flexibility!
   - Ability to walk about ½ mile on dirt paths and lift about 25 pounds

For more information, please contact Trinity Presbyterian church office (251-928-2524)
or Rhoda Passmore (251-586-2235
For pictures and information about last year’s trip: