Presbytery Organizational Structure

For detailed information about the Cabinet and committees please click on the tabs below.

The members of The Presbytery Cabinet include:

  • Moderator of Presbytery
  • Vice Moderator
  • Immediate past Moderator of Presbytery (moderator of cabinet)
  • Chair of each presbytery committee
    (or representative appointed by the chair)
  • Moderator of Presbyterian Women Coordinating Team
  • Presbytery Treasurer, Regional Presbyter,
    and Stated Clerk (recording secretary)

Presbytery Committees:

  • Administration & Finance Committee
  • Mission & Evangelism Committee
  • Education & Spiritual Development Committee
  • Constitutional & Connectional Life Committee
  • Committee on Ministry, Care, & Congregational Nurture
  • Strategic Planning Committee

Presbytery Meeting Schedule

  • Committees will meet at least three times per year.
  • The Cabinet will meet in the month preceding the Presbytery Meeting.
  • The Presbytery will meet in March, Summer and November and will
    rotate between meeting in-person and virtually.

In service to the congregations of the Presbytery of South Alabama, the Presbytery Cabinet works to oversee and coordinate the ministry of the presbytery.

  • serves as the point of connection between all committees
  • ensures information is shared and disseminated throughout the presbytery
  • acts on time-sensitive matters between presbytery meetings as commissioned to do so in presbytery manual
  • receives reports from each committee
  • approves the docket of presbytery meetings, working from preliminary drafts prepared by Stated Clerk and moderator
  • takes actions necessary to meet the goals of the strategic plan

Below are the current members of the Presbytery Cabinet and their positions:

  • Dr. Cindy Wilson, 2021-2022 Moderator
  • Rev. Blair Beaver, 2022-2023 Moderator
  • Rev. Anna Fulmer Duke, Committee on Ministry, Care and Nurture
  • Rev. Rebekah Abel Lamar, Mission and Evangelism Committee
  • Rev. Matt McCollum, Administration and Finance Committee
  • Kim Vanbrimmer, Education and Spiritual Life Committee
  • Joseph Johnson, Constitutional and Connectional Life Committee
  • Susan Tomlinson, Presbyterian Women Moderator
  • Mark Clodfelter, Treasurer
  • Rev. Bob Madsen, Presbyter (ex officio)
  • Rev. Al Thompson, Stated Clerk (ex officio)

The committees of The Presbytery of South Alabama work together to support our Ecclesial, Missional and Constitutional directives.

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In service to the congregations of the Presbytery of South Alabama, the Administration and Finance Committee serves as the steward of the funds, property, and staff of the presbytery.

  • oversees the process for budgeting and audits
  • makes recommendations on the use of designated funds
  • oversees personnel matters
    • conducts staff reviews
    • recommends to the Presbytery Cabinet hiring, firing, and compensation of all presbytery employees including Regional Presbyter and Stated Clerk
  • ensures that staff-driven communications are effective and professional
  • develops and maintains financial policies of the presbytery
  • shares budget information in a timely and transparent manner
  • oversees property owned or rented by the presbytery
  • negotiates sale or management of property of dissolved congregations
  • assists the presbytery staff (when needed) with administrative matters
  • approves contracts with service providers
  • arranges opportunities for conversation, guidance, and training for congregations in matters of finances and stewardship

In service to the congregations of the Presbytery of South Alabama, the Committee on Ministry, Care, and Congregational Nurture serves as the shepherd for ministers, commissioned ruling elders, and congregations.

  • examines and receives new Ministers of Word and Sacrament
  • approves terms of call for Ministers of Word and Sacrament and contracts for commissioned ruling elders and all other non-installed pastoral positions
  • oversees training and commissioning for commissioned ruling elders
  • conducts annual visits with each church session
  • nurtures pastors
    • assigning mentors to new pastors
    • making counseling resources available
  • serves as a guide and mediator in times of transition or conflict
    • proactively explores issues as early as possible
    • recommends Administrative Commissions when necessary
  • assists congregations in filling pastoral vacancies
  • conducts orientation for pastor nominating committees
  • approves interim ministers
  • provides pastoral care, support, and nurture for the Ministers of Word and Sacrament, Commissioned Ruling Elders, and certified Christian Educators of the presbytery
  • maintains relationship with retired ministers
  • with the Regional Presbyter, supports Christmas Dinner

In service to the congregations of the Presbytery of South Alabama, the Constitutional & Connectional Life Committee is responsible for building and nurturing relationships between congregations and the larger Presbyterian Church (USA).

  • nominates ministers and congregation members to serve
    • on committees and commissions of presbytery
    • as General Assembly and Synod commissioners
    • as Presbytery Moderator and Vice-Moderator
  • meets constitutional requirements for representation
  • reviews, trains, recruits, and cultivates committee leadership
  • reviews effectiveness of all committees
  • builds relationships through annual visits with each congregation
  • coordinates Presbytery Sunday to strengthen bonds within the presbytery
  • strengthens relationships with:
    • Presbytery of Mississippi
    • Synod of Living Waters
    • the agencies of the PC(USA)
  • maintains policies and procedures manual of the presbytery
  • assists officer training in congregations when needed
  • oversees preparation for ministry when needed
  • provides ordination exam readers
  • supports the work of the Permanent Judicial Commission with the chair of the PJC serving on the committee
  • plans location and frequency of presbytery meetings
  • serves as Bills and Overtures Committee for presbytery meetings

In service to the congregations of the Presbytery of South Alabama, the Education and Spiritual Development Committee is responsible for supporting and equipping the vital ministries of faith development needs within each particular congregation.

  • makes available the educational resources owned by the presbytery
  • connects congregations to experts in the field
  • connects congregations to expand education opportunities and share resources
  • oversees presbytery-wide educational programs when needed, such as:
    • educational events
    • Leadership Event (currently called COLT)
    • retreats and spirituality experiences
    • training programs
  • plans all details of worship, sacraments, and preaching for Presbytery meetings
    • arranges for guest speakers at the presbytery meeting

In service to the congregations of the Presbytery of South Alabama, the Mission and Evangelism Committee is responsible for supporting and equipping the vital ministries of outreach, service, mission, technology, and evangelism within each particular congregation.

  • communicates mission and evangelism ministries between congregations
  • administers Congregational Mission Grants as advised by a subcommittee with representatives from Admin & COM
  • connects congregations to technology and resources for evangelism and outreach
  • oversees presbytery-wide mission efforts (some of which may be subcommittees):
    • Presbytery Guatemala Partnership
    • Hispanic Ministry
    • Campus Ministry
    • Disaster Assistance/Response

In service to the congregations of the Presbytery of South Alabama, the Strategic Planning Committee is responsible for making recommendations to the Presbytery related to its mission, vision, and strategic initiatives.

  • ensures established and effective strategic planning process:
    • annually reviews the mission, vision, and strategic plan
    • develops strategic planning process update every three to five-years
  • develops/maintains program decision matrix for programs and ministries of the presbytery and assigns committees responsibility for implementing decisions
  • develops and maintains measurable key performance indicators (KPIs) that ensure work is aligned with our strategy
  •   works with staff to develop a strategic dashboard/annual work plan to track and meet KPIs
  • works with constitutional & connectional life committee-#3 to develop a strategic dashboard/annual work plan for the Presbytery Cabinet to track and meet KPIs
  • monitors the organization’s performance against measurable targets
  • ensures the budget development matches the mission, vision, strategic plan and will result in meeting the KPIs
  • identifies critical issues facing the presbytery
  • reviews and recommends changes and updates to the Presbytery structure including merging, splitting, staffing, and committee structure