of South Alabama

1211 Main St., Daphne, AL 36526

Phone: 251-626-1915

Hours: Mon-Thurs ~ 9am - 3pm

Transformed lives

Welcome to
The Presbytery of South Alabama!

Meet Cary Speaker,
New Interim Regional Presbyter

Cary Speaker has worn several hats during his forty-plus years as a single career pastor. He has served as an Associate Pastor for Youth and Christian Education, a hospital staff chaplain and the director of the department of hospital ministry. He has also been a pastoral counselor and an associate pastor for pastoral care and counseling as well as a pastor/head of staff. He has enjoyed being an Interim pastor in several churches in Alabama since he retired as a parish pastor in May of 2015.

While this is his first interim as a regional presbyter, he hit the ground running on August 1, 2019; the visits, meetings, and phone calls are in full force!

Sally is Cary’s wife and she lives in Birmingham in order to be close to their granddaughter, Tillar, in Florence, AL, who by the way belongs to Cary’s son Edward and his wife Katherine. Their other son Preston is single and lives in central Florida where he works for the giant retirement community, The Villages.

Cary is "looking forward to helping South Alabama Presbytery think about its future and its relationship with The Presbytery of Mississippi."

Welcome Cary Speaker!

Our 3700-member presbytery includes 22 congregations in the beautiful southern part of the state of Alabama stretching, north to Jackson, south to Gulf Shores, east to Dothan and west to Grand Bay.

Our presbytery office is located on Main Street in Daphne, Alabama which provides a central location for our congregations as well as a Resource Center that is available to all the churches and its members.

The Presbytery of South Alabama exists to care for, support and serve the congregations of the presbytery. Through shared vision, mission and education we pray that God’s kingdom may continue to grow in this corner of the world and beyond.

"Trusting in God's unmerited grace and love in Jesus Christ,

together we are called to equip,

sent out to serve in the world,

expecting the Kingdom of God."

(Vision Statement from our Vision 2020)

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