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Regional Job Openings

Periodically, as job postings become available throughout the Presbytery, we will post them here for you with information of the locations, job titles, job duties and any other pertinent information.

Listings are in order of oldest listing first.  Click a listing below to expand it.

Job Title: Director of Music

Location: Trinity Presbyterian Church - Fairhope, AL


  • This is a full-time position. The Music Director for Trinity Presbyterian Church has the responsibility of planning and directing the music programs of the entire church. Such programs shall attempt to integrate music into the various aspects of church life in a way that supports and complements the overall ministry of the church, and as particular areas of emphasis are determined by the Session.
  • The Music Director will work under the day-to-day supervision of the Pastor and will work with the Pastor in planning music for all worship services. In developing other music programs for the church, the Music Director will work with the Worship and Music Committee. A regular priority is the preparation of musical aspects of the regular worship services, including but not limited to selection of music, rehearsals of the choir(s) which will present such selections, and coordination with appropriate instrumentalists.
  • Salary Range: $40,000-$50,000 Plus Benefits

Other Responsibilities

  • Oversee and develop a choir program that affords all age groups the opportunity for participation in a choral activity (including music VBS).
  • Coordinate the music program of the congregation in a way that supports and is well integrated with the total program and church schedule.
  • Be responsible for musical rehearsals (which includes music education) for all vocal and instrumental ensembles, including the bell choir and such other ensembles as may be developed from time to time.
  • Plan/direct the music for special worship services such as Thanksgiving, Lessons and Carols, Christmas Eve, Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, etc., and funerals (if requested).
  • Work closely with the Worship and Music Committee in areas of general planning, budgeting, and leadership (setting goals, evaluating), to develop and continue programs as are necessary and possible to be a ministry to the congregation and community.
  • Coordinate the schedules of organists and other instrumentalists. (This includes booking a substitute organist/pianist for services including Sundays, weddings, funerals when the organist is unavailable.).
  • Engage in concert preparation of choirs and other participants for special performances (such as drama presentations, choir tours, mission outreach).
  • Be a member of the planning staff and participate in its meetings as a part of a team approach to the entire program of the church.
  • Attend meetings of any committee or board where deemed appropriate through staff consultation.
  • Be responsible for the maintenance of the sanctuary organ, pianos, and other musical equipment. (Funds shall be provided for the proper care of these instruments and the Music Director shall have supervision over their use).
  • Prepare articles for the newsletter and other publications necessary to develop the worship and music programs of the church's ministry.
  • Arrange for own substitute (paid by the church).
  • Establish and maintain regular office hours.
  • Establish and maintain regular office hours.


  • College degree in music or equivalent proficiency with a minimum of 5 yrs. experience.
  • Proficient skills and experience in directing and accompanying a choir.
  • Must possess a spirit of collaboration, flexibility and the ability to work with all ages and musical abilities, and possess an understanding of and commitment to music as an element of liturgical worship.

To apply, please send resume and cover letter to

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